Tindie Update – Why I’m not able to recommend them to anyone

So as I mentioned in a previous post, I will no longer be using Tindie to sell things that I also sell on eBay. After what happened today, I will definitely not be using them to sell anything in the future, and can’t recommend them to anyone anymore.

To preface this, I’ve had my Tindie account for a very, very long time. So long that when I went to set up my store again, the email address I used for it was no longer in service, so I couldn’t receive any Tindie emails. I could still log in, since I did so through my GitHub account, but I still wanted the proper email on file. However, I searched through my account and profile settings and couldn’t find anything related to changing my email on file with Tindie. I contacted support, and apparently this is only something you can do if you contact them. It’s 2018, every website in existence lets you change the email on file from the comfort of your own account dashboard, but apparently Tindie isn’t with the times in that regard.

So after getting the email changed, everything seemed alright except for slight annoyances with shipping rates, etc. that I’ve talked about before. Then today happened.

I received an email from Tindie support today saying they disbursed my funds and I hadn’t accepted the transfer on PayPal yet, and were making sure I didn’t have any problems or question about the process. Awful nice of them, except I didn’t initiate a disbursement nor did I see anything in my PayPal account. I email them saying just this, and they say that funds get automatically disbursed every 30 days (nice to not have any email confirmation or alert of this…) and they sent the funds to my PayPal account. The PayPal account under my old, non-functional email. Nice!

So I informed them that they had successfully dumped about $9 into the void and I couldn’t find a single spot on their website that allows me to change my PayPal disbursement settings, at which point support gave me a link to a page that does just that. I tried to change the email and it failed each time, saying “Your PayPal email is already set to [old email]”. After informing them of this constant error, the support person had to remove the old email first, and then I could set the new one. Yet again something that every other storefront website on the planet would allow you to do from the comfort of your own account dashboard, without ever having to contact another human being.

Eventually, things were fixed and I was able to get my money properly transferred into an active PayPal account. However, I can’t say I’ll ever use Tindie again and can’t really recommend them to anyone to use for selling things. The fact that their website completely misses the mark on so many basic things makes me seriously distrust their ability to handle any serious matters, such as if a customer had a problem with an order I sent them. 

Back to eBay.

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