Discontinuing my use of Tindie

When I started selling my nixie tube breakout board kits, I decided to list them both on Tindie and on eBay. Tindie because I’ve heard of it in the past, and knew it as the “etsy for electronics” – so I felt it would be a perfect fit for my product. I used eBay because I’m incredibly familiar with selling there, I enjoy how easy it is to purchase postage right from the site, and I have a bit more of a seller reputation there. As it happens, I ended up getting many more orders through eBay than through Tindie, and I noticed it’s much more difficult to set up shipping methods via Tindie and in general, I don’t feel like it’s worth my time to keep two listings when one isn’t attracting almost any attention at all.

So I’ll now be discontinuing selling kits on Tindie and will be using eBay exclusively. So if you go looking for my products on Tindie and can’t find them, this is why. It’s much more worth my time to use eBay and they provide shipping discounts that Tindie doesn’t.

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