First kit: Nixie tube breakouts

I’ve rebooted this site for the umpteenth time. This time I don’t have any kind of posting or schedule goal, I just want to have an archive of my projects and a way to keep track of what I’m working on, I guess.

So now for what this one is about: I’ve finally created a kit to sell online. This one is an IN-12A/B nixie tube breakout board. It simply adapts the nixie tube to 0.1″ headers for prototyping, with a location on the board for a current limiting resistor, or a jumper to bypass it. I’ve created a project page for it here. I’m also selling the kits, either on Tindie or on eBay. The kits include the PCB, headers, resistor and nixie tube pins. Everything you need to get started except for the nixie tube itself.

Hopefully others will find this kit as useful as I do.

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