Update on Nixie Power Supply

Just a quick video addressing a project I’ll be working on, but have been delayed making a video about.

The delay comes down to a couple of things: a dislike of making videos with a breadboard for demonstration, and delays in actually getting my own circuit boards made.

I hate how messy and crappy breadboards look for demonstrations, so I made up my own circuit board for this nixie tube power supply. However, getting it made in my lab has been a huge pain. I purchased all the things I need to make my own boards, but they haven’t been turning out at all. The problem mainly lies in the UV sensitive film I’ve been using. It’s absolutely impossible to apply this stuff nicely without it bubbling up or failing to stick properly to some part of the board, resulting in broken traces, crappy spots that don’t develop properly, etc. So I ordered some UV sensitive paint that will be arriving soon (from China, unfortunately, takes a while to get across the ocean!). I also decided, just for the fun of it, to spend $13 and get 5 boards made by an uber-cheap Chinese board fab. So we’ll see how those turn out.

Once I get the board made, I’ll be making a video about this. It’s simply a power supply that takes ~12VDC in and gives anywhere from ~70-300VDC out for power nixie tubes, which require approximately 180V to light up. The circuit is a very simple switched mode boost converter, and I’ll explain in detail how it works once I make the video.

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